Family Self-Sufficiency Program



The FSS Program is designed to help Section 8 participants achieve their dreams.  The primary goal of the program is to provide a comprehensive support system that combines housing assistance with appropriate community services in order to achieve self-sufficiency.  The participant works with the FSS Coordinator in addressing issues that have been obstacles in the past.  For some families, the lack of transportation and childcare has prevented them from achieving their goals.  Participants may want to go back to school, learn a new skill, find a new career, start their own business or own their own home.


“All glory comes from

daring to begin.”


Who is eligible for FSS?


·         Families who are currently receiving Section 8 Rental Assistance.


·         Families who have a desire to begin moving toward greater economic independence.


·         Families who are willing to work in confidence with a case manager on developing and completing goals.



How does the program work?


Once you express interest, you will come to the Housing Authority to learn more about the program.  You will discuss your career, interests and plans with the coordinator.  Once you decide to participate you will sign a Contract of Participation, which gives you a five year period to work on your goals.  You will be given a “Goals Packet” you help you begin.







Who will help me achieve my goals?


Throughout the program you will meet with your coordinator for guidance to help you achieve your goals.  Classes on budgeting, resume’ writing, employability skills and even general life skills will be made available to you. 




What do I have to gain by participating in the FSS program?


Taking active steps to reach personal goals      will help build a sense of confidence and pride.  Success is very rewarding!  There are also monetary ($) gains for active participation in the program.  If your rent is increased due to an increase in your income, the difference in the old rent will be placed in an interest bearing escrow savings account in your name.  Once you have achieved your goals you will be eligible to receive this money. J


“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”



For more information contact:

Nora Beasley

Special Programs Coordinator

Housing Authority of Frankfort

(502) 223-2148 ext. 103

(502) 875-1882 fax


“The key to happiness is having dreams.  They key to success is making your dreams come true.”