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WHAT IS SECTION ††††† †††††††?


The Section 8 Housing Program is designed to assist very low income Families or families with income that is at or below 30% of the median income by paying the difference between 30% of a familyís adjusted income and the actual cost of rent and estimated utilities.The program is funded by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and is operated by the Housing Authority of Frankfort, Kentucky.


This is an Equal Opportunity Housing Program.Families are eligible to receive assistance based on income regardless of race, creed, sex, age, religion, disability, national origin or familial status.It provides for monthly rent payments to property owners or managers on behalf of qualified families to cover part of the rent.Families can stay where they are living now, or move anywhere in the Franklin County area, so long as the housing they choose meets certain rental and housing quality requirements of the program.




  • The applicant completes the preliminary application.


  • The applicant attends an interview where their eligibility is determined and receives information on how the program works and how to obtain housing suited to their needs.


  • If the applicant is eligible, the family attends a briefing and is issued a Housing Choice Voucher upon availability which allows them to locate suitable housing.


  • The applicant is given 60 days to find a place that meets Housing Quality Standards and rent limits.Their present dwelling may qualify.


  • The tenant and the landlord come to an agreement on lease terms. The Housing Authority of Frankfort evaluates the lease and inspects the dwelling to make sure they meet program standards.If approved, the Housing Authority of Frankfort enters into a Housing Assistance payments contract with the landlord in order for payments to begin.


  • The Housing Authority of Frankfort will pay the landlord part of the tenantís rent each month.In some cases the agency pays all of the tenantís rent.










        Process the tenant applications and agreements as soon as possible.

        Inspect the unit as often as necessary.

        Answer any questions about the Section 8 Program.

        Send out monthly subsidy checks.

        Recertify familiesí income and re-inspect units annually.

        Respond immediately to eviction requests.

        Compute rent increases promptly.

        Examine possible program violations (tenant or landlord).






The Housing Authority of Frankfort is responsible for inspecting the rental unit before executing the initial contract and at least annually while the tenant remains on the program.This is done to protect the tenantís right to decent, safe and sanitary housing and to ensure the landlordís unit is in an acceptable condition.The landlord is encouraged to make periodic inspections to ensure the same.The Housing Authority of Frankfort is not responsible for management of the property or conduct of the tenant.Basically, a housing unit must be:in good condition; free from health and

safety hazards; and large enough to meet occupancy standards for the family.








       The unit must have an operable flush toilet in a separate, private room.


       A fixed wash basin and shower or tub with hot and cold running water must be in the unit, but not necessarily located in the room with the flush toilet.


        All of these facilities must empty into an approved public or private disposal system.(This may include approved septic systems)




        The kitchen must have a sink with hot and cold running water which drains

††††† into an approved disposal system.


        There must be adequate space for storage and preparation of food.


        There should be facilities for the storage and disposal of trash/garbage.(trash pick-up service, garbage cans, dumpster, etc.)


        A working refrigerator and stove of adequate size for the family should be provided.In some cases, the family provides their own appliances.



        Exterior doors and windows must be lockable.


        The unit must have a bathroom, a kitchen area and a living area.


        The unit must have a sleeping room/area for each two people in the family.





        The unit must have a heating system which is in a safe operating condition and can provide adequate heat to each room in the unit.




        Living rooms and bedrooms must have at least one window.


        The bathroom and kitchen must have a ceiling or wall mounted lighting fixture which is in safe operating condition.


        The bedrooms, the kitchen and living room must have at least two electric outlets in them.The overhead or wall light fixtures may be counted as an electric outlet in meeting this requirement.





        The interior ceilings, walls, and floors must be free of any serious defects which could affect the safety or well-being of persons living in the unit.


        The rooms must be in sound condition and weather proof.


        The exterior walls must be free of any serious defects which would affect the soundness of the dwelling.


        Halls, stairways and porches must be free of any defects which could cause tripping or falling.


        Four or more steps require a handrail.


        Any porch, patio or balcony more than 30 inches from the ground must have a railing.





       The interior air in the unit must be free from dangerous gases, dusts or other harmful pollutants.

        The dwelling must have reasonable air circulation.


        Bathrooms must have at least an operable window or other adequate exhaust ventilation.





        The dwelling must have a water supply provided from an approved public or private system.




        You must be able to get to the dwelling unit without unauthorized use of other private property.


        The unit should have an alternate means of exit in case of emergencies, such as fire stairs or windows.


        Each unit under the program must be equipped with a working smoke alarm on all levels.




        The dwelling should be free of conditions which would endanger the safety of residents (dangerous walks, flooding, sewage backups, mudslides, fire hazards.)


        Units should also be free of conditions which would impair the health of tenants (abnormal air pollution, excessive noise, or vehicular traffic, trash piles, vermin or rodent infestation, roach infestation).


* Owners who occupy their own homes are not eligible for assistance under this program.






As a resident or citizen of the United States, all persons are entitled by law to safe and decent housing regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, or national origin.Discrimination in the sale or rental of property is illegal and prohibited by law.The laws apply to all housing.





The tenantís security deposit is determined by the Landlord may be but is not limited to one months rent.The Landlord may not collect more than this amount unless the tenant is leasing from the Landlord prior to being on the Section 8 Program.In this case, the previously collected security deposit will be approved and noted on the lease.The security deposit can be utilized by the Landlord as compensation for unpaid rent or damages at the termination of tenancy.The owner will give the family a written list of all items charged against the security deposit and the amount of the items listed.The landlord must take reasonable action to avoid such claims and must make every effort to collect the amount owed from the former tenant.


All unpaid rent or damages to the unit are the responsibility of the tenant. The Landlord must notify the Housing Authority of any move-out by a tenant immediately.




A rent increase may be requested annually. However, a landlord may not receive more rent on the Section 8 Program than s/he can rent the unit for on the private market.For example, if you own a duplex and a Section 8 tenant lives in one side and a non-subsidized tenant lives in the other side, you may not receive more rent from the Section 8 tenant than you do the non-subsidized tenant.





        Supply information as determined necessary for annual or interim recertifications

††††† of family income and family composition.


        Allow the Housing authority of Frankfort to inspect the unit at reasonable times after reasonable notice.

        Notify the Housing Authority at least 30 days before moving from the unit.


        Use the unit solely for residence by the family and as the familyís principal place of residence.


        The family must not commit fraud in connection with the Section 8 Program.


        The family must not engage in drug related criminal activity or violent criminal activity.


        The family must not own or have any interest in the dwelling unit.


        The family must be responsible for all damages to the unit.

        The family must pay their portion of the rent to the Landlord.





        Establish a list of criteria for screening applicants.The list should include credit references, previous landlords, police records, etc.


        The unit must pass Housing Quality Standards before housing assistance payments can begin.


        Always maintain the unit in good condition.


        Cooperate with all requests for inspections made by the Housing Authority of Frankfort and make all repairs required to meet Housing Quality Standards.


        Respond promptly to tenant requests for repairs.


        Make periodic inspections, with notice to the tenant to check for needed maintenance, that all utilities are in service, and that the tenant is taking good care of the unit.


        Provide for exterminating services when needed.


        Collect the amount of security deposit.(not more than one monthís rent)


        Collect the tenantís portion of the rent.


        Cooperate in the tenantís annual recertification process.The owner is notified prior to recertification.


        Notify the Housing Authority of Frankfort immediately if the tenant vacates the unit.







Unit must pass HQS.


Unit must be rent comparable


Use Payment Standards


Total of rent plus tenant paid utilities may

exceed Payment Standard so long as unit

is rent comparable.


Uses Authority utility charts.


Tenant may pay more or less than 30% of their

adjusted gross income as tenant share of rent plus

tenant paid utilities, but may not pay more than

40% of their adjusted income in rent and utilities.


Authority share of rent is based on:

Rent and tenant paid utilities

Contract rent minus payment standard

Minus 30% of adjusted gross income

of tenant.


No damage claims are paid by the



If the family vacates its unit in violation of the lease or tenancy

agreement, the landlord: may keep HAP for the month in which

vacancy occurred.




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