Rental contact:  Mrs. Martha Lathrem at (502) 223-2148


Housing Authority of Frankfort

Community Center/Gym Policy & Rental Agreement

The Housing Authority of Frankfort’s Community Centers are available for use, free of charge, to organizations wishing to provide services to specifically benefit Housing Authority residents.  Organizations or private individuals may rent the centers for a fee.  Residents of the Housing Authority may rent the centers for a reduced fee.  It may be used in accordance with the following rules.  The Housing Authority reserves the right to refuse use of the buildings to any person(s) or organization(s) with which it has had problems or complaints either on or off Housing Authority properties.

Responsible Party

 In order to use the Center/Gym, an authorized representative must sign this policy agreement and be responsible for cleaning or repair charges, if any, or damages that are a direct result of activities held.  The Center/Gym will be inspected by a Housing Authority staff member before and after each use.   Any charges due will be charged to the responsible organization or party.  The same rules apply to private individuals and residents as well as to organizations that are not charged a rental fee.

The responsible party is required to have someone from their group meet the staff member at the beginning of the reserved time and ensure someone from their group is on the premises during the entire time of the reservation.  Failure to meet with the staff member at the appointed times will result in loss of fee. 


Visit the Housing Authority Reception Office to reserve the Center or Gym.  The full fee is required to be placed on deposit in order to make a reservation.


In the event it is necessary to cancel a reservation, notice must be given no less than 48 hours in advance to avoid loss of fee.  Call the Housing Authority office (223-2148) to cancel.

Any changes to the request you have on file in the Housing Authority office must be approved by the office prior to the beginning of your reservation.  We ask that you be considerate of the staff member assigned to the opening/closing of the facility and not call or stop by their home.

Times Available

The times available will be 9:00am – 10:00pm with a maximum time limit of four (4) hours.  If the four hour limit is not suitable, it can be extended with prior approval, at an additional charge.


Residents -         $45.00 for Centers    ($25.00 refundable deposit)

                           $95.00 for Gym        ($45.00 refundable deposit)

Individuals-        $75.00 for Centers    ($35.00 refundable deposit)

                           $100.00 for Gym       ($25.00 refundable deposit)     

Coaches and Organizations may rent the Gym at an hourly rate of $25.00



The Housing Authority of Frankfort and its representatives will not be held responsible for injuries, theft, or loss of any items of any persons during the use of the Community Center/Gym or while on Housing Authority property.  Certain activities may require proof of insurance coverage.

ALL renters are required to clean the building after use.  This includes sweeping, mopping, cleaning restrooms, cleaning counter tops, stove and refrigerator (no food is to be left in the refrigerator), tables, chairs and putting trash in outside bins (in bags tied up).  DO NOT TAPE, NAIL, STAPLE OR GLUE ANYTHING TO THE WALLS, DOORS, TABLES, CHAIRS OR CEILINGS.



Failure to comply with all the terms of this agreement will result in loss of fee and/or deposit.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the Housing Authority Office at (502)223-2148.